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Toyota Prado Wheels

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  • T-227 16"17"18"20“-Gloss Black+Red Lip T-227 16"17"18"20“-Gloss Black+Red Lip


  • T-127 16" 17" 18" -Matt Black/Candy Red T-127 16" 17" 18" -Matt Black/Candy Red

    T-127 16" 17" 18" -Matt Black/Candy Red

    13 reviews

    Challenge Offroad Wheels has brought a timeless mesh design to the Standard lineup of styles. The elegant design features smooth curves and is complemented by the distinctive Challenge center cap. This new addition enhances the style options available for the truck/SUV market by offering a refined look on a rugged wheel.The T-127 is available in 16 inch, 17 inch and 18 inch sizes to suit your offroad needs.


  • 1108 17"-Matt Black 1108 17"-Matt Black

    1108 17"-Matt Black

    Introducing the robust and stylish 17x9.0 ET0 6x139.7 110.1 Off-Road Wheels, now available in two stunning finishes: Matte Black and Black Machine Face. Engineered for the ultimate off-road experience, these wheels combine top-tier performance with head-turning design, ensuring that your vehicle is both capable and captivating on any terrain. Key Features: Superior Construction: These wheels are crafted using advanced flow-forming technology, which enhances strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight profile. This ensures that they can handle the roughest off-road conditions without compromising on performance. Bold Design: The intricate design features bold, angular spokes that radiate strength and style. Available in two finishes—Matte Black for a stealthy, rugged look, and Black Machine Face for a sleek, modern appeal—these wheels are designed to make a statement. Optimal Fit: With a size of 17x9.0, these wheels provide an excellent balance of stability and agility. The ET0 offset and 6x139.7 bolt pattern ensure a perfect fit for a wide range of off-road vehicles, giving your ride a wider stance for better handling and traction. Large Center Bore: The 110.1 center bore is designed to accommodate various vehicle hubs, making installation straightforward and secure. Ideal Scenarios: Rocky Trails: Conquer rocky and uneven terrains with confidence. The strong construction and wide stance of these wheels provide the durability and stability needed to navigate through rocky paths without any hassle. Mud and Slush: Glide through muddy and slushy conditions effortlessly. The design helps to prevent mud from sticking, ensuring that the wheels maintain their grip and performance even in the muckiest of situations. Desert Adventures: Dominate the sandy dunes with ease. The wide surface area and robust design help distribute the vehicle’s weight, reducing the risk of getting stuck and providing better control over loose sand. Forest Expeditions: Navigate through dense forests and narrow paths smoothly. The durable construction and precise fit ensure that these wheels can handle the unpredictable obstacles found in forest trails, from fallen branches to sudden dips. Advantages: Enhanced Durability: Built to withstand the harshest conditions, these wheels are perfect for off-road enthusiasts who demand reliability and performance. Eye-Catching Design: The striking finishes and bold design elements make these wheels a perfect combination of function and fashion, ensuring your vehicle stands out both on and off the road. Improved Traction and Stability: The optimal size and offset provide a wider stance, enhancing traction and stability on various terrains, giving you the confidence to tackle any off-road challenge. Versatile Fitment: With a universal 6x139.7 bolt pattern and 110.1 center bore, these wheels are compatible with a wide range of off-road vehicles, offering flexibility and ease of installation. Elevate your off-road adventures with the 17x9.0 ET0 6x139.7 110.1 Off-Road Wheels. Whether you're navigating rocky trails, muddy paths, desert dunes, or forest expeditions, these wheels are designed to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and style. Choose between the rugged Matte Black or the sophisticated Black Machine Face finish to perfectly match your vehicle's look and feel.


  • 1061 17"18"-Matt Black 1061 17"18"-Matt Black

    1061 17"18"-Matt Black

    Rugged Precision: 6-Spoke Off-Road Wheels Unleash the full potential of your off-road adventures with our premium 6-Spoke Off-Road Wheels. Designed for durability and style, these wheels are perfect for those who demand both performance and aesthetics. Key Features: Size Variants: Available in 17x8.5 and 18x8.5, our wheels cater to a wide range of vehicles and preferences. Robust Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, these wheels boast a tough black finish that not only adds a sleek, aggressive look but also provides superior resistance to corrosion and wear. Specifications: With an offset (ET) of 0 and a 6x139.7 bolt pattern, these wheels ensure a perfect fit for a variety of off-road vehicles. The 110.1 center bore is optimized for stability and balance. Versatility: Suitable for both stock order and production orders, we offer flexibility to meet your inventory needs. Customization Options: Elevate your brand identity with custom finishes and logos, tailored to your specifications. Whether you’re upgrading your vehicle for aesthetic purposes or gearing up for challenging terrains, our 6-Spoke Off-Road Wheels are built to impress and perform. In stock and ready for order, transform your ride into a statement of strength and style.


  • 1176 17"-Matt Black

    1176 17"-Matt Black

    Introducing our premium 17x8.5 ET0 6x139.7 110.1 Off-Road Wheels, meticulously designed for the rugged terrains and challenging environments that off-road enthusiasts crave. Engineered with precision, these wheels combine durability, style, and performance to elevate your off-road experience. Key Features: Robust Construction: Crafted from high-strength alloy, these wheels are built to withstand the toughest off-road conditions. The intricate web of spokes not only adds a distinctive aesthetic but also enhances the structural integrity of the wheel. Optimal Size: With a size of 17x8.5, these wheels provide a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. The ET0 offset ensures that the wheels sit flush with the vehicle's body, providing a wider stance for improved traction and stability on uneven surfaces. Universal Fit: Featuring a 6x139.7 bolt pattern and a 110.1 center bore, these wheels are compatible with a wide range of off-road vehicles, making them a versatile choice for adventurers with different rigs. Ideal Scenarios: Mountain Trails: Tackle steep, rocky inclines with confidence. These wheels provide the necessary grip and resilience to navigate through challenging mountain trails without compromising on safety or performance. Desert Dunes: Glide effortlessly over sandy landscapes. The wide design and robust construction help prevent sinking and provide better control in soft sand, making desert drives smooth and enjoyable. Muddy Paths: Conquer muddy tracks with ease. The wheel design helps shed mud quickly, maintaining traction and preventing clogging, ensuring that you can power through even the muckiest terrains. Forested Routes: Maneuver through dense forests and narrow paths. The precise engineering of these wheels ensures they can handle the unpredictability of forest trails, from fallen branches to sudden dips and rises. Advantages: Enhanced Durability: Built to last, these wheels can take a beating from rocks, roots, and ruts without compromising their performance or appearance. Superior Performance: The well-balanced design ensures smooth handling and a comfortable ride, even on the roughest terrain. Stylish Design: Not only are these wheels functional, but they also add a rugged, aggressive look to your vehicle, making a statement both on and off the road. Improved Traction: The wide stance and robust build provide better traction, ensuring that your vehicle can tackle any off-road challenge with ease. Upgrade your off-road vehicle with our 17x8.5 ET0 6x139.7 110.1 Off-Road Wheels and experience the perfect blend of durability, performance, and style. Whether you're scaling mountains, traversing deserts, or navigating muddy paths, these wheels are designed to keep you moving forward, no matter what obstacles lie ahead.


  • 1171 17"-Matt Black 1171 17"-Matt Black

    1171 17"-Matt Black

    Elegance in Motion: Model 1171 Off-Road Wheels Introducing the Model 1171 Off-Road Wheels, where rugged durability meets elegant design. Inspired by the delicate beauty of a flower, these wheels are crafted to enhance both the performance and appearance of your Toyota Pickup. Key Features: Distinctive Design: The flower-like shape of the Model 1171 adds a unique and stylish touch to your vehicle, setting it apart from the ordinary. Durable Black Finish: Finished in a sleek black coating, these wheels not only look sophisticated but also offer excellent resistance to corrosion and harsh off-road conditions. Optimal Specifications: Sized at 17x8.5 with an offset (ET) of 0, a 6x139.7 bolt pattern, and a center bore (CB) of 110.1, these wheels ensure a perfect fit and superior performance for your Toyota Pickup. Versatile Ordering Options: Available for both stock orders and production orders, we accommodate various purchasing needs to keep you well-supplied. Customization Available: Personalize your wheels with custom finishes and logos, tailored to reflect your unique style or brand identity. In stock and ready to elevate your off-road experience, the Model 1171 Off-Road Wheels are the perfect blend of form and function. Equip your Toyota Pickup with these stunning wheels and make every journey a statement of elegance and strength.


  • 1170 17"-Matt Black 1170 17"-Matt Black

    1170 17"-Matt Black

    17x8.5 6x139.7 Off-Road Wheel for Toyota Pickup Trucks Bold Design Meets Rugged Durability Upgrade your Toyota pickup truck with our 17x8.5 6x139.7 off-road wheel, a perfect blend of style and strength designed to tackle any terrain. Engineered for performance and crafted for aesthetics, this wheel is an essential addition to your vehicle, ensuring you stand out both on and off the road. Key Features: Precision Fitment: Size: 17x8.5 Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7 Offset:0 Center Bore:110.1 Specifically tailored for Toyota pickup trucks, ensuring a perfect fit without the need for modifications. Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials to withstand the harshest off-road conditions. Enhanced durability to resist impacts and endure rugged environments, providing long-lasting reliability. Striking Design: Features an aggressive and bold design that complements the robust look of your Toyota pickup. The intricate patterns and deep matte black finish add a touch of sophistication and dominance to your vehicle's appearance. Optimized Performance: Engineered to provide superior traction and stability on all terrains, from rocky trails to muddy paths. The wheel's design ensures optimal weight distribution and handling, enhancing your truck's off-road capabilities. Easy Installation: Comes with all necessary components for straightforward installation. Designed for hassle-free mounting, allowing you to upgrade your truck quickly and efficiently. Compatibility: Perfectly suited for various models of Toyota pickup trucks, including the Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runners, and Hilux. Versatile enough to accommodate a range of tire sizes for customized performance and aesthetics. Final Thoughts: Elevate your Toyota pickup's performance and visual appeal with our 17x8.5 6x139.7 off-road wheel. Whether you're navigating tough terrains or cruising through the city, this wheel offers the perfect combination of strength, style, and reliability. Transform your ride and conquer every adventure with confidence.


  • 1103 17"-Matt Black 1103 17"-Matt Black

    1103 17"-Matt Black

    Elevate your off-road adventures with the 16 and 17-inch Challenge Off-Road Wheel, model 1103, in a sleek matte black finish. Designed for durability and performance, this wheel features a robust 6x139.7 bolt pattern and an 8.5-inch width, making it perfect for rugged terrains. Crafted from premium A356.2 aluminum alloy, it ensures high strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent weldability. Certified by JWL and VIA, it guarantees safety and quality. Backed by a 3-year structural warranty, this wheel is an ideal upgrade for your off-road vehicle.


  • T-256 17"18"-Matt Black


  • T-193 17"-Matt Black


  • T-240 17"-Matt Black T-240 17"-Matt Black


  • FBX146 17"- Matt Black FBX146 17"- Matt Black


  • FBX109 17"-Matt Black FBX109 17"-Matt Black


  • FBX147 17"- Matt Black FBX147 17"- Matt Black


  • T-Rex001 17"-Matte Black/Matte Bronze/Matte Gunmetal T-Rex001 17"-Matte Black/Matte Bronze/Matte Gunmetal

    T-Rex001 17"-Matte Black/Matte Bronze/Matte Gunmetal

    T-REX is our latest series, with ultra-high strength and load capacity up to 1200kg. This wheel is suitable for Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger


  • FBX087 17"18"- Matt Black Machine Face Bronze Coating FBX087 17"18"- Matt Black Machine Face Bronze Coating


  • FBX134 17"20"- Matt Black FBX134 17"20"- Matt Black


  • 1029 17"-Matt Black 1029 17"-Matt Black

    1029 17"-Matt Black

    Introducing our premium Mesh Design Offroad Wheels, crafted to enhance your vehicle's performance and aesthetic appeal. These wheels feature a sleek black finish, providing a bold and aggressive look that complements any off-road vehicle. Key Features: Size Options: Available in 17x8.5 and 17x9.0, perfectly suited for various off-road adventures. Offset (ET0): Designed for optimal balance and stability, ensuring superior handling on rugged terrains. Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. Center Bore: 110.1mm, offering a perfect fit for your off-road beast. Availability: In Stock: Ready for immediate shipment to get you on the road and off the beaten path as soon as possible. Custom Orders: We support both stock and production orders, allowing you to customize the finish and logo to match your unique style and preferences. Customization: Finish Options: In addition to the striking black finish, we offer a range of custom finishes to suit your individual taste. Personalized Logo: Make your wheels truly unique with the option to add a custom logo. Upgrade your vehicle with our Mesh Design Offroad Wheels and experience unparalleled performance and style on every adventure. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails or cruising through the city, these wheels are built to impress and endure. Order now and transform your ride today!


  • T-274 18"-Matt Black


  • T-258 17"-Matt Black+Black Rivets T-258 17"-Matt Black+Black Rivets


  • T-257 17"-Matt Black+Milling Windows T-257 17"-Matt Black+Milling Windows


  • T-255 17"20"-Matt Black T-255 17"20"-Matt Black

    T-255 17"20"-Matt Black

    1 review

    Are you looking for a set of wheels that can handle any terrain and make your vehicle stand out? Look no further than the T-255 offroad wheels from Challenge Offroad Wheels. These wheels are designed to fit a variety of trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps with bolt patterns of 6x139.7, 5x127, or 6x114.3. They are available in 17 inch or 20 inch sizes, depending on your preference and clearance. The T-255 wheels are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, with a matte black finish and a machined lip for a rugged and stylish look. They are also ready wheels, meaning they come with tires mounted and balanced, so you can install them easily and hit the road. Plus, if you want to customize your wheels, Challenge Offroad Wheels also supports production orders, allowing you to choose the color, offset, and center cap of your wheels. Whether you are cruising on the highway or exploring the wilderness, the T-255 offroad wheels will give you the performance and appearance you desire. Order yours today and enjoy the difference.


  • T-250 17"-Matt Black


  • T-245 17"-Matt Black T-245 17"-Matt Black


  • T-244 17"-Matt Black+Red Line T-244 17"-Matt Black+Red Line


  • T-243 17"-Matt Black T-243 17"-Matt Black

    T-243 17"-Matt Black

    Out of stock

    Out of stock


  • T-239 17"-Matt Black T-239 17"-Matt Black


  • T-222 18"-Matt Black T-222 18"-Matt Black


  • T-221 18"-Matt Black T-221 18"-Matt Black


  • T-220 16"17"18"-Matt Black/Candy Red/Bronze T-220 16"17"18"-Matt Black/Candy Red/Bronze


  • T-218 16"17"18"-Matt Black T-218 16"17"18"-Matt Black


  • T-215 16"17"18"-Matt Black/White T-215 16"17"18"-Matt Black/White


  • T-213 17"-Matt Black T-213 17"-Matt Black


  • T-212 16"18"-Matt Black T-212 16"18"-Matt Black


  • T-206 18"-Matt Black T-206 18"-Matt Black


  • T-200 20"-Matt Black T-200 20"-Matt Black


  • T-199 18" -Matt Black T-199 18" -Matt Black

    T-199 18" -Matt Black

    1 review

    18-inch mesh design matt black offroad wheels, T-199 we keep a lot of 18x9.0 6x139.7 ready wheels for Hilux,4Runner, Ford Ranger and other models.For production order, we available custom bolt pattern and finish, MOQ only 80pcs for one size. If you need sample, you can quickly buy on our website or contact us with email/WhatsApp.


  • T-198 20"-Matt Black+Milling Windos+Milling Rivets T-198 20"-Matt Black+Milling Windos+Milling Rivets


  • T-197 20"-Matt Black


  • T-195 17"-Matt Black+Silver Rivet T-195 17"-Matt Black+Silver Rivet


  • T-194 17"-Matt Black T-194 17"-Matt Black


  • T-192 17"20"-Matt Black T-192 17"20"-Matt Black


  • T-187 18"20"-Matt Black T-187 18"20"-Matt Black


  • T-186 16"17"18"-Matt Black T-186 16"17"18"-Matt Black


  • T-185 17"-Matt Black T-185 17"-Matt Black


  • T-180 16"17"18"-Matt Black T-180 16"17"18"-Matt Black


  • T-178 17''18''-Matt Black/Gloss Black Machine Face+Red Line T-178 17''18''-Matt Black/Gloss Black Machine Face+Red Line

    T-178 17''18''-Matt Black/Gloss Black Machine Face+Red Line

    Rugged and Ready: The Ultimate Off-Road Wheels Conquer any terrain with our premium off-road wheels, designed for the adventurer who demands performance and style. Our wheels are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, whether you’re navigating rocky trails or forging new paths off the beaten track. Product Features: Sizes Available: Choose from 17-inch and 18-inch diameters to match your vehicle’s specifications and aesthetic preferences.Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, these wheels are built to last and resist the wear and tear of off-road driving.Versatile Fit: Compatible with a variety of bolt patterns, including 5x127, 6x114.3, and 6x139.7, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide range of vehicles.Stylish Finishes: Available in a selection of finishes, from sleek black to rugged olive drab green, to complement your vehicle’s look.Enhanced Performance: With a deep lip and robust design, these wheels not only look formidable but also provide superior handling and stability on uneven surfaces.Tailored for Adventure: Our off-road wheels are specifically tailored for 5x127 Jeeps and 6-lug trucks, with additional fitments for niche market trucks. The no-compromise design means you get a wheel that’s as tough as your adventures demand. Specifications: Bolt Patterns: 5x127, 6x114.3, 6x139.7Offset: 0/-10mm, providing a bold, aggressive stanceLoad Rating: Capable of supporting heavy loads, making them ideal for off-road vehiclesElevate your off-road experience with wheels that blend unparalleled durability with cutting-edge style. Hit the trails with confidence, knowing your wheels are up to the challenge. Feel free to adjust the description to better suit your product’s unique features and benefits. If you need more detailed specifications or additional content, just let me know!


  • T-170 17"-Matt Black+Red Line

    Out of stock


Toyota Prado Wheels: Enhancing Performance and Style

When it comes to Toyota’s legendary off-road vehicles, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado stands out as a rugged and reliable choice. But what about its wheels and wheel well? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Toyota Prado wheels and wheel well, from sizes and materials to customization options. Buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of Prado wheels and wheel well!

1. The Basics: Understanding Prado Wheel Specifications

Before we delve into the product nitty-gritty, let’s start with the product basics. Prado wheels play a crucial role in overall vehicle performance, safety, and aesthetics. Here are the key product specifications you should be aware of:

1.1 Bolt Pattern and Center Bore

  • Bolt Pattern (PCD): Prado wheels typically have a 6x139.7 bolt pattern, which means they have six lug holes spaced 139.7 millimeters apart.

  • Center Bore (CB): The center bore measures 106.1 millimeters, ensuring a snug fit on the hub.

1.2 Wheel Sizes

Prado wheels come in various sizes, depending on the model year. Here are some common sizes:

  • 17-inch to 20-inch diameter wheels

  • Width: Ranges from 245mm to 285mm

2. Materials and Styles

Prado wheels are available in different materials, each offering unique benefits:

  • Alloy Wheels: Lightweight, stylish, and corrosion-resistant. Perfect for both on-road and off-road adventures.

  • Steel Wheels: Robust and durable, ideal for rugged terrains. Often used as stock wheels.

3. Customization Options

Want to add a personal touch to your Prado? Consider these customization options:

  • Painted Finish: Choose from a variety of colors to match your vehicle’s aesthetics.

  • Machined Finish: Sleek and modern, with precision-cut designs.

  • Black Wheels: Add a touch of aggression and sophistication.

4. Bursting the Myths: Alloy vs. Steel Wheels

  • Myth 1: Alloy wheels are fragile. Reality: Modern alloys are tough and can withstand off-road abuse.

  • Myth 2: Steel wheels are outdated. Reality: Steel wheels are reliable and budget-friendly.

5. Tire Pairing

Selecting the same size and right size tires is equally important. Consider all-terrain or mud-terrain tires for Prado’s adventurous spirit.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, Toyota Prado wheels are more than just functional components; they’re an expression of your vehicle’s character. Whether you’re conquering rocky trails or cruising city streets, choose wheels that match your style and enhance your Prado’s performance.

FAQs: Unraveling the Wheel Mysteries

Can I upgrade my Prado’s wheels?

Absolutely! Consult a professional to find the perfect fit for your specific Prado model.

Are alloy wheels prone to damage?

While they’re not indestructible, modern alloys are designed to withstand rough conditions.

Can I mix and match wheel sizes?

It’s not recommended. Stick to the manufacturer’s specifications for safety.

What tyre package you need use?

you can purchase tyre package online or order from our website

Can we ship to Australia?

Yes,we can ship wheels to Australia wide and others country, you can add wheels you like in cart, we support free shipping to many countries.

Can I use Prado wheels for other Toyota models?

yes, 6 139.7 wheels can fit Hilux and Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50.

Customer reviews

  • We always buy wheels from Challenge, they are good quality and fast delivery5/5 Jack
  • Nice wheels, Challenge wheels have many 15-20 inch 6x139.7 wheels for Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and others pickup5/5 John
  • Many stock and support mix size and design, we order many times and keeps going.5/5 Lucas
  • We have been appreciated the offroad wheels teams, they never let us disappoint, good job!5/5 Carlos
  • The customer service staff's answer is very meticulous, the most important is that the product quality is very good, and packaged carefully, shipped quickly!5/5 Lily
  • Nice design and good finish surface, super support teams, thank you5/5 Motomi
  • A nice supplier in this industry, after a detail and careful discussion, we reached a consensus agreement. Hope that we cooperate smoothly5/5 Frank

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